100% Remote work

Does your company allow your employees to work remotely 100% of the time? If so, do you have employees spread around in various countries around the world?

YES! Our company recently became 100% remote and now only pays for a small office in a coworking for those that prefer going to a physical space! So we´ve started thinking about hiring some people abroad so there could be always someone on call no matter the time of the day!

We had a hybrid policy but with the whole team working from home (or abroad) for some months now it feels like this might change soon! As a SaaS company we’re all pretty tech savvy so the transition to remote work really hasn’t been difficult for our team.
Working in different time zones has been more challenging. But what we agreed on is that the team meetings cannot be missed no matter where you are. The rest of the work can be done in your own time. We use your factorial clock-in system which works great!

Yes. I work in a company that even before the pandemic offered a hybrid mode of work. We’re allowed to go to the office whenever we want (no pressure) and we’re also allowed to work remotely as long as we want. The only condition is that the work is done on time, regardless of where the employees are in the world. And this is how all companies should move forward.