4 day work week

Hiya! I was reading about Canada testing the implementation of a four hour workweek in 2022. What are your thoughts about it? Personally I like the idea lol but don´t you think that it´ll have a negative effect on employee overall performance?

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Really intersting topic, I love the idea behind this. I know other countries are trying to adapt to this way of working. The UK are a little behind in testing this but nowadays it’s becoming more common. I actually saw an article about a bank trying it:

@amber_lex I think you mean 4-day work week? I’ve been reading a lot about it as it seems that more and more UK companies are deciding to participate in this experiment for the next 6 months. And I read that Canada and some other countries already have great feedback - better productivity, happier employees etc. I’d like to suggest it at our company!
I’m wonderign if any of you have already tried it? How was your experience with it?

I agree. I am hopeful that it all works out. Productivity and employee motivation will undoubtedly increase with this change.

In Iceland, the trial was an absolute success last summer and now over 80% of Iceland’s workforce have decreased hours for the same pay or are in the process of doing so. Fingers crossed!

Actually, there are many UK companies (that I know of) that have started testing the 4-day work week and I think that it’s a great idea. Employees are more motivated to get everything done from Monday to Thursday when they know that they will enjoy 3-day weekends. It has proven to be very productive, both for the companies and for the employees. People are working efficiently on their daily tasks, and the level of procrastination is lower than before. I think all companies around the world should implement the 4-day work week. This is the future!

No, it won’t. On the contrary. I think that it will have a positive impact on the employee overall performance, because they will try to be more productive during the 4 working days, when they know that they can rest for 3 days, instead of 2. So, go ahead and test it, and you’ll see the benefits.