Can I ask for my employer for Garden Leave?

I am leaving my company to work for a direct competitor and I want to suggest to my employer to give me garden leave. Is it normal for an employee to request garden leave? It is written in my contract, so I guess the company is familiar with the clause.

Hey Lisa!
Yes you absolutely can. You can request for Garden Leave as part of coming to an agreement on terms over leaving your current position. It’s already in your Contract of employment, so therefore your employer must give the right to use garden leave. Good luck & check out this blog for extra info: What Is Garden Leave UK and Does It Benefit Employers?


Yes, my friend just did this. He asked for a garden leave, so I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same. I also read CathyW’s article on Garden Leave and it has very useful information that can help you with the procedure. Good luck!