Do you have to work your entire notice period?

My new job offer want me to start in 3 weeks but my current job has a 4 week notice period. I wanted to know if it is possible to just work the 3 weeks notice period?

I think it depends on the company you work at. If you finish your tasks earlier, they may give you the final week free. But I know in my company, they keep you working at full speed until the last second of your last day. So, maybe you should talk to the people in your company’s HR department. Or check your contract to see whether there is a clause that states something about your notice period. Bottom line, if you can’t do anything, get the last week off and you’re good to go :smiley:

You can work only for 3 weeks as a notice period, if you finish your tasks on time and if you achieve a mutual agreement with your company. I believe that it’s possible, so just go ahead and ask your HR manager or your boss. Good luck :slight_smile: