Do you think its risky to hire a candidate who has changed jobs every 6-10 months?

The candidate is perfect for the role I am recruiting for but unfortunately, I feel a bit uneasy about so many job changes. We are a small company and for me, I need to feel more secure that the person I am going to hire will stay with us. Recruitment can expensive…

Hey Cathy,
I have been in charge of hiring for my company for almost 6 years and this is something that has been a hot topic throughout. Although a lot of employers see this as a huge risk, it REALLY depends on the industry and the job itself. I think i am very open minded in my approach to hiring and if i like the look of someone’s profile, I like to dedicate some time into hearing them out. Maybe they have some pretty impressive reasons for why they have job hopped so much. Maybe they have moved all over the world - maybe each of the roles was on a contracting basis. For me, it’s not risky until you hear them out. Hope this helps!

I agree with Daniel. I believe that it depends on the industry, the position and on the previous companies. Therefore, I think that HR professionals need to dedicate more attention to the applicant’s profile and psychological behaviour. Then, they will need to listen to the applicant’s stories for each of these positions and last but not least, HR managers should give the applicants some tasks that will help with their assessment.

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