HR trends in 2022

Do you know which are the HR trends for 2022?

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Hey Sam001, I just read a great in-depth article on Factorial’s site about the HR trends: Top 10 Emerging HR Trends in 2022 That You Should be Aware Of

I liked these two HR trends for 2022: the hybrid working model and the four-day work week. Which ones you like the most?

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This is a great resource for HR trends. I like the four-day workweek. Do you think this will become a worldwide trend? I’d love to see all the companies implement this trend in 2022. Employees would be more productive and they will get more things done in 4 days.

Oh, I sure hope to see the 4-day work week become a worldwide trend and that all employees will get one more day of rest
I am a big fan of the hybrid working model. I believe that when you give the freedom to a person to work from anywhere and at any time they want, that person will be more productive and professional. So, I hope that this trend will continue in the years to come, and not just throughout the pandemic.