Mental health - remote work

What are you guys doing to ensure the team’s spirits stay up doing these difficult times? With the new omicron variant going around, our company decided to go back to working from home. I really want to do something to boost the employee morale! Any suggestions?

I work in the IT industry and our employees have always dealt with the challenges that remote work entails. The first thing you need to do is to work more on the communication. You need to make employees more included in everyday tasks, so schedule more meetings, if possible. And just to be clear: not only work-related meetings. You need to schedule meetings that will replace those office moments during lunch, or on a break. Make them mingle and even introduce a “play a game” meeting. It sure helps.

Our company has recently implemented mental health workshops once per week. So far, they’ve proven to be of great use. The employees are more motivated for work while the employers get a better understanding of how this endless pandemic affects people and try to be more involved in the employees’ lives.