Microaggression in the workplace

I´m starting to notice some damaging behaviour and inappropriate comments coming from one of our employees. In your opinion, what’s the best way to deal with microaggression in the workplace?

Hi Luka!
Microaggressions come in many shapes and forms - insults, assaults, invalidation, inappropriate comments etc. I strongly believe that we, as HR managers are responsible to ensure a good company culture and to stop that kind of behaviour immediately. Not only should you consider sensitivity training, but you should really look at the long-term picture. I would address the issue with the CEO and VPs of your organization to make sure you´re all on the same page. Emphasising and making sure you all stand behind the company values is a good start.
If the topic feels too big to handle on your own, I think it’s completely reasonable to bring in a third person into the organization. You´ll want someone with a fresh perspective that can really shed a light on the bigger issues. Create safe spaces where your employees can talk openly without judgement. And good luck!