Onboarding techniques

hey! i am in the process of onboarding some new remote employees. i want to make sure that they feel knowledgeable and comfortable in their new roles. could you tell me how do you help new hires feel welcome?

@Jackssson hiya! Here’s what I would suggest:

  1. Make an onboarding plan - duration, tasks, tools, and information to cover
  2. Start them off with a smaller tasks - at the beginning I like asking them to do competitor research and compare it with our website and services. Hence, they have a really good idea of the market straight off the bat. And it might give you some interesting insights as well!
  3. Assign them a buddy so they have someone to talk to about light hearted topics and they feel better integrated within your team.
  4. Ask them for feedback to see if they have any pressing questions or need help understanding something you haven’t touched upon.
  5. Organize a team building within their first month so they can get to know the team better.
    At the end, everyone is different, some are really quick learners and prefer autonomous work while others need a bit more encouragement. Take this into account when onboarding a new person!

Here are some tips that can help you out. Feel free to insert something unique for your company, that always helps.

  1. Provide a digital employee handbook and company culture.
  2. Make the employees feel welcome and like they belong in the company.
  3. Give them a remote onboarding plan that will be personalized for each of your new employees.
  4. Encourage collaborative learning and individual proactivity.