Remote job interviews

Hi! I am in the process of hiring a professional for a remote position. What are some of your tips for conducting remote interviews?

I had to conduct numerous remote interviews throughout 2020 & 2021 so here are my 2 cents:

  • test your technology beforehand and makes sure you won´t have any outside distractions
  • start by welcoming them and addressing any connection / audio concerns that you notice to resolve them asap and continue undisturbed (ask for their phone number if the issues cannot be resolved)
  • be aware of visual clues, is the picture or the audio delayed
  • give them additional time to answer, elaborate, and explain themselves, repeat yourself if needed
  • keep eye contact with the camera to maintain a personal touch.
    Hope this helps!

Hi @Markman78, we had to do a lot of recruiting inte the last 18 months remotely. It was tough at first as we weren’t really prepared, eventually we got round to getting the hang of it though. I would recommend always testing your technology to make sure it actually works. I also try to keep it quite relaxed because we’re doing it remotely, I feel for the candidate there is a little bit more pressure,