The Great Resignation

I was just reading this article on the Great Resignation: ‘The Great Resignation’: almost one in four UK workers planning job change | Work & careers | The Guardian

I’m wondering, has your company noticed higher turnover rates in the recent months? What are you doing to combat the trend?

Hi @JackBrown11! I work in the Fintech industry and it’s honestly been a crazy couple of months! More people than ever before are contacting us for a job!! So what we’ve been working on in our HR department is having solid onboarding processes in place to make it easier for newcomers. We’re also organising a team building every month, even if it’s virtual due to the restrictions. Besides this we like to emphasise an open working environment and flat, horizontal organizational structure. This way no one feels micro managed and has autonomy over their work!
I’m interested to hear what other techniques other companies are doing!

We try to keep up the respect and attention we give to our employees. We put a lot of energy to maintain the employees by paying attention to them and their needs because people who feel like they’re being taken for granted are not likely to stay the course.
What I can tell you like a piece of friendly advice, make sure that you communicate with existing employees so they feel valued. Ask for their help to show you don’t know all the answers. And trust that they know how to do their jobs.

I think that having a toxic culture at work is the biggest reason for employees to leave their current jobs, thus creating this great resignation trend. If you try to create a less toxic working space, you will notice how all employees improve their attitude towards jobs and they will be more engaged in work-related tasks. You just need to take care of your employees like you’d like someone to take care of you. Simple as that.

I just watched this super useful live event organised by Factorial on the topic: How Can HR Managers Combat the Great Resignation by a lovely lady Tia. Go ahead and listen to her, she has some great insights into the topic. event