Yearly performance reviews

Hi everyone! As the year´s coming to the end, I would like to provide my employees with performance reviews. I was wondering what would be the best way to give them constructive feedback that feels motivating? What are some of your tactics? Thank you!

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Hi @PeterJones1966

We have had to adapt our performance review structure too during these crazy times. How we structure our reviews goes as follows:

First Goal Setting Review (Normally in Jan) - This will include the manager and the employee where they set their goals throughout the year.
Mid Year Review (May/June time) - This refers back to the goals we set in Jan and see how they progressed with them throughout those 5/6 months.
End of Year Review (Nov/Dec time) - Final review of the year, this is where we take into account the goals at the start of the year, then we consider the mid year goals too. After this we compile the information and give scores. These scores go to higher management for a calibration meeting then we release them to employees to receive the feedback.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: